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tweed she disputed the fact that she ever gave praise to the man or his so called journalism i dispute that they gave praise to the journalist or his journalist i pointed out that standing out in the field and continuing to talk while explosions or go no fall around you is brave she still admires is bravery though the mainstream media has a history of becoming in chanted by jihadi affiliated want to be reporters take bilal abdulla karim the story teller when it came to the battle for aleppo people are executed it's as simple as that what can i do here and see a blend in the crowd i don't think so am i going to turn my so over to regime forces absolutely not so what that he's giving a platform to a suicide bomber right at least he's taking all the right boxes they say you have to protect human rights. they support the terrorism so how on earth. of course you want to support. that's that's the bottom line of what the
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hippocratic they have double standards. if this happens in the u.s. mainland would they accept that terrorists would be available terrorist organizations . to say they have good cause of course not the mainstream media has a habit of putting itself on a journalistic pedestal getting the facts right giving balance and using trusted sources but those standards appear to be selective and only if the story fits the cover you've done of. a german children's t.v. channel has caused controversy by earning a documentary about the relationship between a syrian man and his german girlfriend critics say it fails to challenge the repression of women here's a clip. stuff i cannot wear short things always long things because i cannot accept
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my wife looking like this this is very difficult for me and for arab men in general i do not like other guys talking to my girlfriend she belongs to me i belong those are my rule. of does doesn't mean we can't eat pork this is forbidden. that's just uncalled it's what's written in the qur'an it's not ok to eat it work is not normal and so i asked do i really have to eat pork to this will have to live together i stopped eating it one concerned parent who describes herself as a qualified psychologist has written an open letter calling the program talk on the air months a patient of women she sees the channel is portraying a repressive relationship in a positive light we got reaction from guests who have opposing views on the program . in multan western european society and certainly in germany there are a lot of stories migrants have lots of stories there are lots of different realities nowadays we're in a climate changing realities so you know if we have stories about young syrian
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people whether they're young adults whether that mine is. mixing with intermingling with living lives alongside germans or other europeans i think we should be taught to tell these stories as long as those stories are not. seeding discontent hate breeding or trying to be divisive i don't think it's the role of the government or a government agency to to work the children against continuing the values and cultures of their parents i don't have a problem with a mosque or a private organization pushing this sort of thing but you know what kind of taxpayer wants to have his values denigrated and subverted with his own children by the people he's paying and that is the primary you see this. in life and death situations are called recess and resettling into the west now you
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don't get to stop the wild and just say i want to get off you when you see like a real thing or idea you said at the top of the hour i believe it was a lie right that guy pretended to be sixteen he wasn't sixteen so the kids were like two from the very start so you have seven and eight year olds who are watching this romantic thing i'm not even sure that was appropriate ok and so let's start there this is not really about the ages of those people it's not really about freedom of expression or journalism this is actually about saying look at these we had muslims and brown people with funny views and pushing you know if he isn't you know sessions on a vulnerable young this is a i don't even know if this is a real romance this contrived romance. was being deliberately sold to these kids as a way of undermining our setting the table for the undermining of maybe what i believe are the intentions of the parents parents have a right to continue their family legacies and their culture and this undermines it
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on the taxpayer dime a quarter of an hour into the program which means we've got so much more after this break stay with heart. with no make this manufacture consent to stick to the public well. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the famous merry go round listen to the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. to lose the. room. but i don't want to sell you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing
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you to fight the battles they are going. to do stocks try to tell you that every gossip a couple. of advertising telling you are not cool enough to buy your product. these are the hawks that we along. with one. of the again new york's largest police union is suing its own commissioner and the city's administration over the release of body videos. this was this has serious implications not only for the safety n.-g. process rights of police offices before the privacy and rights of members of the public as well of the union claims to release a video from officers body cameras is a breach of citizen's privacy not the administration uses quote arbitrary and
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inconsistent parameters and is guided by political considerations one case in point is an incident last september when a man was shot after pointing a toy gun at police stop video was released despite fears it could jeopardize an ongoing investigation a former officer who blew the whistle on police activities believes the current system allows his videos to be used for political gain i don't think it's an all of a sudden decision if you actually read the lawsuit in the very first paragraph is states clearly what it wants and all it's asking for in the gist of the complaint is for these body camera videos not to be used selectively for political gain that's that's all that it's asking for to asking for a better system for these to be disseminated out into the public and as of right now the two people that the complaint is listing against for this is seemingly abusing the authority is for murder blasio and the police commissioner itself for
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the complaint says that it wants just not selective videos being removed what if we go back to last year three body count videos were released by the new york police department two of them show officer shooting and killing suspects a local news channel paid thirty six thousand dollars to show additional footage the union say is the videos are selected to make a point about they could be from years ago but are being used to highlight current issues just a warning you may find the help coming images upsetting. hundred . hour later. on in my car.
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i brought. her. she thinks. three critically parents took. her a little. fine but after.
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seeing police officers being pawns in political games or get political games and they needed to be protected there in the middle buffer between the law's the law makers the people they're supposed to troll police the laws over and then their body camera usage there in their squad car video footage is all being used either for them or against them as a as a pawn moving game and it's just not fair. tension to. the mideast where it's really security forces have dispersed an empty donald trump rally being held by palestinian protesters tear gas was used in response to officers being targeted with stones and other projectiles the incident happened in the west bank city of ramallah on the subway protesters marched along a road which had been blocked off by israeli forces leading to a village that how it's been declared a closed military zone protesters began hurling rocks before being pushed back by
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tear gas fired from armored vehicles this comes after a six consecutive week of rage in response to donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as the israeli capital. a full large over a highly disparaging remarks that donald trump reportedly made about haiti el salvador and african nations continues to grow during around to in the oval office the president allegedly branded them in crude or terms second rate countries some appointed eye to make matters worse the timing was particularly unfortunate former election rival hillary clinton drew attention to the fact that the comments came on the eight year anniversary of a devastating earthquake in haiti which killed more than two hundred thousand people one c.n.n. anchor also became quite emotional and his response to trump's remarks patients slap your hand hard when they shake it they look you in the eye they don't blink they stand tall and they have dignity it's
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a dignity many in this white house could learn from it's a dignity the president with all his money and all his power could learn from as well. well even before being hit by the earthquake that was eight years ago which also severely damaged the country's infrastructure and left it on able to provide many basic services haiti has been blighted by hundreds of years of hardship after gaining independence from france at the beginning of the eighteen hundred sit took the us almost sixty years to acknowledge its independence not time it imposed the trade embargo on haiti which was already struggling with enormous debts demanded by fronts in the twentieth century haiti was also occupied by u.s. marines for almost two decades so as to protect washington's economic interests washington also gave hundreds of millions in aid to the brutal regime of duvalier and intervene twice militarily african affairs expert io johnson thinks trump overlooked the united states rule in shaping the countries he criticized. many of
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the problems that the haitians are experiencing in their own country stands for many of the confusion that the u.s. has imposed on that country. taking control of the country imposing sanctions or actually the effect that some of the companies that had on the haitian people and of course many of their practices were not in the interest of the local population and local industries so i think the u.s. if it's if you to express is in those terms that the haitians like many other africans are basket cases clearly he's misunderstood the fact that many of the ills many of the problems that these countries are facing to an extent come from american income. and while we're speaking about donald trump in a surprise move the american president has announced that he will be attending the world economic forum in davos the decision was widely criticized due to his u.s. first agenda during his election campaign america secretary of the treasury defended the move saying that the form is not purely
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a quote. for globalists but not everybody is happy to see trump there as a base group has launched a petition calling for the u.s. president to stay out of davos so far it's been signed by over eleven thousand people they accuse him of racism islamophobia warmongering attacks on human rights. we will no longer surrender this country or its people to the false song of globalism replace the present policy of globalism with a new policy of americas we are now putting america first. that was is unique in terms of fried swill to stay cold or quote should be key
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issues in the world cannot be so for governments alone of our business a little we should get up to and guide economic globalization and make it possible for all people to benefit from globalization. i don't think it's a hangout for globalists i think the idea is that you can on the team is going to go over and talk about the america first economic strategery i'm totally surprised this guy has come out with that remark because it's so unbelievable the major attraction eight year for the international calls in the politan elite that have the best politics of the year davos.
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by definition is a fat cat because he's been he's a property billionaire and he's very much catering to those people and his results such as they result that he loves going to down in florida so in that sense they're all going to the same sort of people and. would be an interesting visit to switzerland for donald trump shouldn't it that's your saturday night at news for this hour i'll be back with updates in around thirty minutes time but don't fret program start in just a moment stay with. i think there is indeed a potential to come out of this impasse of implementing the mainstream inst by next week on the u.n. peace operation this is very sensitive politically contributing countries to
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believe in chile offer troops it's off to decide who they have confidence in him to have not. had a great education a good job and a family that loved me. i never had to worry about how i would eat some where i would sleep. but i'm facing christmas alone out on the streets of london. well you look to be. a cut above the glory like you got. you know just a lot of it still give out food for the whole of the. earth. but you don't really feel like a human being in that. and then. the guy just came over to me saw me and gave me this book.
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this is what happens to pensions in britain. you watch kaiser report. time after time she were going underground a century on from the day of the bolshevik revolution that would arguably save britain from hitler coming up on the show as britain's chancellor for the pound and
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is nowhere to be seen for an emergency parliamentary question on the paradise papers should britain's head of state apologize for offshoring millions of pounds for aggressive tax avoidance we speak to jeremy corwin's u.k. labor party shadow emergencies minister chris williams and band we asked dorian b.n. deputy chairman of the u.k. just a select committee john howell if minority government needed to raise a maze premiership is sustainable in the wake of what appears to be a new scandal every day there's new figures showing arming rises in u.k. food bank use award winning director sean baker an oscar nominated actor willem defoe on what the western economic crisis is doing to the children of the usa well the simple going out today is going underground but first this week marks one hundred years since a revolution without which arguably britain today would be in the hands of nazi descendants the rapid industrialization that took place after ten days shook the world in russia would ensure the defeat of hitler on the eastern front at enormous
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human cost and allowed britain's escape from being an outpost of the third rush but of course according to go mark the revolution was supposed to happen here in london not three and a half hours by east of this studio in moscow it's something you can detect in the work of no i'm chomsky the soviet union called it socialism in order to gain whatever to benefit from the moral appeal that true socialism had among large parts of the general world population but this was about as remote from socialism as you can imagine so what about a socialist revolution. britain some marks is the reality is required for conditions one split amongst ruling classes like say over fifty fifty if you like direct it to winning over the middle class say by catalyzing resentment over paradise papers tax dodging three instability over law enforcement say slashing police numbers by more than twenty thousand which has happened under the tories for increasing worker democracy arguably like that proposed for british boardrooms by
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u.k. prime minister to raise i'm a herself i was i've clarified today's meeting very clear we want workers representation on boards and workers on boards are also advocated by u.k. labor leader jeremy corbyn so are the conditions right for a real revolution unlike russia nine hundred seventeen there's certainly class resentment over revelations from the so-called paradise papers detailing tax dodging by the rich the people will no doubt decide but joining me now is the british labor party's shadow emergencies minister chris williams and before we get to revolution the paradise paper has your reaction to these new revelations which is a seriously injured people from the manchurian or attack did not get medical help for an hour that's the may twenty second attack in manchester the grand concert hall that's incredibly troubling and certainly merits further investigation as to why that happened i mean i can speculate i mean one of the reasons i think potentially could be the fact that our emergency services are massively underfunded and i've
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seen substantial reductions in government investments and that's played to a reduction in staffing and consequently right across the piece the major services are struggling to actually cope with the pressures that being put on them through the government would deny the cuts have any big influence over the two or all at once and they can deny that fall out when we do deny though is there isn't any any money and you guys have all the money is part of the problem the fact we don't have the money because of tax avoidance little like they were well it's very interesting isn't it i mean i think it suggests that something in your. hootin seventy five billion pounds is avoided every single year in this country there is literally trillions of pounds tied up in the tax savings and you know that's why we're calling for a public inquiry that's why we've said that we want to see a range of different measures brought it including a register of those who have holdings in particular british dependencies and we've
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talked about introducing measures such as withholding tax to actually do you know took the tax source as it were to make sure the when companies or making profits it is going to they pay their dues as it were because they know they benefit obviously from this economy they benefit from the infrastructure that's in place in this economy in the house to be paid for out of the public purse and by you know not paying their obligations in terms of the tax that they should be doing then clearly that's putting additional pressure public services or crying out for investment day or in a desperate state with the adequate numbers of policing and adequate numbers of nurses weightiness going through the local governments has been decimated social care in absolute crisis no government should be the head to represent the interests of the many not the few but it seems to me this government and indeed successive governments has got to be said over the last. four decades really have served the interests of the elites they've served the interests of faceless corporations or
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they've served the interests of billionaires formal then they have the interests of ordinary people and government removed say that it was worse under blairite umbrella labor they have tried to type up some guy loopholes i mean should there's a question they would your leader as well should the queen apologize for offshoring tens of millions to avoid well i mean i think frankly the creek queen is a sideshow i mean ten million pounds yes i think she should apologize but let's not get too focused on the queen ten million pounds versus literally trillions of pounds and lord ashcroft involvement in this i mean moving we've called for for example of georgia. for the former tory chairman absolutely but the thing one thing that also calling for is for closer scrutiny of members of parliament and we do know the. public accepted member of parliament do have offshore accounts and frankly i'd like to follow the ecuadorian example where no public official is allowed to have any offshore accounts they had a referendum earlier the mother of the prime minister doesn't have one as well as i understand what do you make of the fact that her husband merges maybe twenty
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billion dollars in tax dodging companies like amazon and starbucks as well the senior executive of capital group whether a clip clearly questions to answer seems to be for the promise there and the could be conflict of interest here obviously very close family members partner husband. you know. and his business dealings i think do need to come under the spotlight here. you know we need answers i think to these very serious questions a been raised as a consequence of the revelations in these paradise papers it just goes on and fundamental to british capitalist society where the right wing blogger is saying john mcdonald had a chance for his tax filings show that fourteen thousand pounds was involved in some pension in good brazilian that doesn't mean javagal back in of course of. talk about clutching at straws that's a ludicrous attempt to smear and the fact is that john has no control over the way where the pension funds are nor does anyone well know but the point is. well now we did but this is where we need. restrictions legislation and we talked about
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bringing that in but where you know complete do have control of these corporations they have control these billionaire ali go to these elites they have control and they choose to hold their accounts in these tax havens many of which are british dependencies very briefly when you're in parliament the disgraced defense secretary went how long do you think to raise it is the beginning of the end there is a winner will have is the beginning of the end for this government because if they recently go she will just be replaced by another call board who. you know subscribes to to do this is a gang there is. well i mean i think it's got it's got the stench of decay this government has to shore in theory they could last until twenty twenty two can't see them surviving that long as they are in a minority it has all the hallmarks of the john major government and so i think whenever the election comes are there and they're in a very deep trouble but we can't be complacent we've got to offer a genuine alternative to the system is this on offer at the moment when you know
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the wealthy the rich the corporations will benefit from you know i mean the end of the day if people are making so much money you can see the cost and they just how well the pots just grow and grow and grow would be better if they were paying their way contributing to society contribution to the economy that would help the economy to grow it would help generate jobs they would benefit from that you know it just seems to me a client of addictive approach that they've taken chris williams thank you. well we just heard from shadow emergencies minister chris williamson and he was quite clear the paradise papers could not only be the final nail in the coffin for to resume but their entire party as well are joined now by the prime minister's trade on boy to nigeria conservative m.p. john as vice chairman of the conservative friends of israel joel the expert coming on i mean we have ministers or declaring secret meetings with foreign governments we have people senior people over allegedly endangered the lives of british
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subjects abroad is to raise money for this no she's not finished and i think you've got to look at what each of those items individually to get the true picture of it there's no point in getting worked up and jumping on the on the back of them and i think it will be totally wrong to say that either theresa may or this concerted government is finished you think it was wise of. them to in a sense echo the iranian revolutionary guard corps allegation that the british subject was indeed a journalism of a charity work well the thing you can't do is to hide. things and and lying to foreign governments and i think that what boris said was. was actually appropriate and i say that has his normal critique of boris johnson and i think it was it was perfectly appropriate even if it endangered the lives of the rain ians are a terrible regime they are causing a huge amount of of of upset really that is your view surely the important
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issue is to save the life of a british subject and i understand the borat spoke to the iranians and i i don't know what is clearly both ways you trust the iranians of the boers agree with and you don't trust them before he said no i don't trust the iranians as far as i could throw the what do you mean iranians that work i've no idea what the iranians said i wasn't privy to that to that conversation but i'm sure he explained the situation to the iranians and we'll have to wait and see what the outcome of that is we know that this government since twenty ten the tories of obviously taking a tougher stance than gordon brown returning blair on tax avoidance and tax dodging . what did you what was your reaction to the fact that. tax dodging seems to be going on industrial scale well i think the thing that you've got to remember here is the enormous hypocrisy on the part of the labor party because in the wash up to the general election they forced through changes that would have created eight
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point six billion pounds for the u.k. treasury and they simply didn't want to want to pursue them so i think that i'm not going to accept any criticism from the labor party. over the paradise papers you know worried that there is a maze has been involved has been does in effect advisor on tax dodging i'm not i'm not in the slightest worried by that and i'm sure that he can defend himself. this but quite honestly i think there are bigger things that the cons country needs to concentrate on and as i said it needs to concentrate on the hypocrisy of the labor party in turning down the offer to recoup eight point six billion for the u.k. eloquent about the partisan politics so no it's not if our design politics it's an actual fact the before the general election in the wash up to the general election that's what the labor party did.


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